Our History

Renato Maselli | Fuounder of Bruu Coffee Roasters

Hey, what 's up? Let me introduce myself, I am Renato Maselli. I’m going to share with you the story of how coffee captivated me. It all started in 2013 when I was travelling around the world and ended up in London serving espressos, flat whites and cappuccinos behind a coffee bar. Mostly I found myself talking to people, sharing stories about Guatemalan culture and pondering about the beauty of life. It was through coffee that I found pleasure in service. After a while life brought me back to my country, where I started my education in specialty coffee. I opened a very small but lovely coffee bar in the heart of Antigua Guatemala. I called it Laberinto, which means Labyrinth (you know, like when you get so deep inside your own mess that you find your core?). I dreamed of serving the best coffee that makes people smile, and this led me to my passion: The Alchemy through which we transform green coffee into flavourful roasted coffee beans. In 2016 I opened the doors of my home and roastery to my friends. My rule of thumb was “learn to roast better and give amazing service” without knowing that this would take me the rest of my life! In order to do so I travelled everywhere looking to become a good roaster. I ended up attending the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Coffee Skills Program and got certified. After that I kept looking for more and got licenced by Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), besides many other courses and workshops around the world. Today I keep learning, studying and signing up to different classes, looking fiercely to be better every day, to serve better and contributing to specialty coffee in guatemala. I want to welcome you to Bruu Coffee Roasters.

it’s an honor meeting you...

Bruu Coffee Roasters

Our team seeks to improve and contribute to specialty coffee culture through three fundamental pillars: Service - Research - Education.

We conceive service not only as satisfying any need, but the best opportunity to grow, improve and create a bond with our customers

We believe that education makes us better in our working places and in our lives. The continuous exercise of learning opens doors in our minds to be better in every way and keeps our intuition muscle in shape.

Asking ourselves questions on a daily basis is our morning coffee. Research keeps us updated and allows us to renew and improve our services and classes. We firmly believe that specialty coffee’s growth must be based in knowledge, experimentation and science and for this reason we have created a daily workflow based on data collection, analysis, interpretation and implementation to our daily routines so that we can provide you with a high quality service and professionalism.